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A Texas pipeline company is pushing ahead with a project to bring growing natural gas supplies to market. Leading Pipeline Company of Texas, a Texas company with more than 1,000 jobs in Texas and the nation's second-largest oil and gas pipeline system.

Construction is expected to take around six months and water will start entering the system at the end of next year. The pipeline will run from Pecos, Texas, to Crane, Texas, where it will be connected to the Longhorn pipeline. One of the country's largest natural gas pipeline projects will be a 1,200-mile, 1.5 billion cubic meter pipeline that will begin north of Fort Stockton and stretch across much of the Texas hills to its destination.

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Support for onshore, offshore and pipeline markets and technical assistance for oil and gas pipeline and oilfield services. Provides technical expertise in the fields of oil, gas and natural gas pipelines as well as operation and maintenance.

If you are a new pharmacy expert or technician, we offer you the opportunity to apply online for a full-time position in our pharmacy training program. Most jobs do not require information on how to apply, except for a brief description of the position, although some healthcare jobs allow you to submit only a CV and resume to be considered. Application instructions for certain vacancies can be found on the website of the Texas Department of Public Health and Human Services.

Welcome to La Tex Associates, our proven success team when it comes to Texas-based pipeline construction companies. The rules apply to anyone who has moved the earth, whether they have moved, drilled, built, or resumed work in the oil and gas industry in Texas or elsewhere.

With our headquarters in Houston, Texas, we can handle deliveries from anywhere in the world to our reception centers in Texas and the United States, and are well equipped to meet your business needs.

Industrial end users in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Florida and Alabama, as well as utility companies serving multiple communities, support more than 1,000 high-paying jobs in Texas. L & P provides services to businesses and individuals in the South, Southeast and West of Texas, including construction, maintenance, repair and maintenance, construction management, plant maintenance and operation, operation and maintenance.

The sector has lost nearly 50,000 jobs in the past decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, with Texas seeing the biggest decline since the recession.

Construction added 7,500 jobs, driven by a booming housing market, and even retail added 5,800 jobs. Texas added 61,000 non-agricultural jobs in October, the second-largest increase in the number of jobs created since October. More than 1.1 million Texans were unemployed or looking for work last month, including 290,000 in Dallas-Fort Worth, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In addition to a pandemic that led to a shutdown last spring, Texas also experienced its worst flu outbreak in more than a decade last fall.

The year-over-year comparisons remain grim, but 75% of the jobs lost in Texas were in services, including leisure and hospitality, health care and government.

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